Collaboration➠ Leads to➠ Empowerment➠ Action➠Results

Let's Change Lives

CLEAR Strategies provides a local focus on community impact and results; emphasis on the positive. We deliver a thought out comprehensive approach that provides opportunities for true collaboration. Our purpose is to create measurable impacts utilizing and leveraging existing systems; nonprofit, public, private, community-based organizations working in collaboration with all. Our hope is the delivery of services can be more impactful to serve all.

Strategic Consulting

The CLEAR Strategies approach ensures that your organization will develop its strategy based on consensus, will utilize a variety of planning techniques to define both short and long-term goals, and will successfully execute its action plan to produce sustainable solutions.


Together we will ensure that you are engaging stakeholders through Real Public Participation. Who they are? What matters most to them? You will learn how to engage new and differing perspectives and why understanding them is important to the success of your effort.


We will help you embrace fresh perspectives and new ways of thinking. Opposing and challenging opinions require us to see beyond our own landscape, to look for new uncharted territories. What is uncovered in many cases is common ground. Utilizing an open approach creates respect and value of your team’s new collective commitment to success.


We encourage a philosophy that says we don’t plan to plan, we plan to act, to change lives, and to ensure that our efforts are sustained for the future. Using well-thought out implementation strategies ensure that planning turns into tangible actions and measurable results. CLEAR Strategies at its root defines how to deploy and execute a plan by defining each element: Why, What, Who, When, Where, and How.

Impact Reporting

Our approach requires that every plan be measurable. When you are soliciting the support for your organization or initiative, funders ask, “what is the return on my investment?” Not unlike business deals, organizations whose mission is to impact social change, are best supported when the impact is ensuring and long-standing and reforms ensure that their efforts remain.

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is not a handshake or a memorandum of understanding.
Collaboration is a willingness to acknowledge the strengths of others that you may lack,
a willingness to relinquish some power to work together for the betterment of others,
it is a commitment to sharing goals, processes, resources and successes.

What is Leadership?

Leadership relies upon the respect of others and the humility to recognize that no one person is above anyone else. Our philosophy is to encourage, nudge, and steer you towards your desired outcomes. To keep the ship on course a captain is essential. At CLEAR Strategies we are that captain. We are the glue that holds your plan together. We are the conduit to connect you with others who share your passion.

What is Empowerment?

Empowerment happens through true collaboration where people feel trusted, respected,

valued, and willing to push boundaries and take on risks to achieve their goals.

What is Action?

Action is a behavior or act that will lead to a particular desired result or end.

Crisis demands action instead of debate; acts or deeds that can change lives.

What are Results?

A result is NOT a committee, an application or a completed plan.

Truly impactful results are people centered, earth shaking, life-changing events; a reimaged hope or dream, a smile and a hug, a soul reborn, a life forever changed for the better.