About CLEAR Strategies

Founder of CLEAR STRATEGIES, Dr. Coleen Morehead has always believed that each of us has a potential and a capacity to do amazing things. With CLEAR Strategies she embarked on this journey with the purpose to inspire new approaches that would bring people together to enlighten and change perspectives, reframe our dialogue.  That these efforts, in partnership with other passionate people would result in truly impactful actions that are people centered. What do you hope to accomplish, why, for who? 

Office Location:

3301 C Street

Sacramento, CA 95816

(530) 870-1135

Questions: collaborate@clear-strategies.com


Meet Our Team

Coleen Morehead, EdD, Founder

Coleen’s professional career spans over 25 years working in education advocacy, association and project management. Her areas of expertise include organizational development, nonprofit management, public policy and advocacy, and public and government relations. Areas of interest that impact economic prosperity include; infrastructure, construction and natural resources; information communication technology and digital literacy and inclusion; and, work-based learning and career exploration.

Coleen holds a Doctor of Education from Drexel University where she majored in Educational Leadership and Management with a concentration in Education and Public Policy. Coleen also holds a Master of Public Administration from the University of San Francisco. 

Current Committees and Affiliations

  • Information Communications Technology HUB/Council
  • Yolo Career Alliance
  • Sacramento Region Water Works


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