It has been 10 years since I first envisioned what CLEAR Strategies could be. I am proud of the successes and humbled by the challenges. Today my hope is to reframe our dialogue and enlighten perspectives. To inspire true collaboration when deployed in a way that we can change lives through impactful actions that are people-centered. The result of these efforts to be a reimaged hope or dream, a soul reborn and a life forever changed for the better.
CLEAR Strategies provides a focus on community impact and results; emphasis on the positive. This approach can identify strategies to serve those who are in the greatest need. My hope is that working together our results will ensure that anyone can achieve a life full of purpose and happiness. What I have learned is that there are many people who feel just as I do. They want to help others but don’t know where to start. Similarly, they are frustrated working through a maze of disjointed systems many times too complex and impenetrable. What if collaboration meant that we worked in an environment where competition didn’t exist, and that the talents and resources of the many were focused on helping people now to overcome some of life’s challenges. What if our primary purpose was to create measurable impacts utilizing and leveraging those existing systems; public, private, community-based organizations working with industry, education and service providers. Through collaboration the delivery of services could be more efficient, more easily accessed, career training opportunities could be expanded resulting in people becoming employed, housed, and self-sufficient now.
Over the next few weeks I hope to inspire you as I discuss what CLEAR Strategies is all about and why this approach is intended to challenge each of us in ways that require our full attention, our empathy, our creativity, and our commitment. Action won’t happen through just planning, but through deployment of your great ideas, through new innovative ways of thinking and getting things done! I believe that one small action can turn into a wave of possibilities. My request to you today is simple. Join with me and others on this mission to change lives through action.
Warmest Regards,
Coleen Morehead, EdD
Founder, CLEAR Strategies LLC