Founder of CLEAR STRATEGIES, Dr. Coleen Morehead has always believed that each of us has a potential and a capacity to do amazing things. With CLEAR Strategies she embarked on this journey with a purpose to inspire new approaches that would bring people together.  That these efforts, in partnership with other passionate people would result in truly impactful actions that are people centered. Her passion for people is inspired by her life experiences, ever-changing trajectory, appreciation for the untested and a willingness to jump. Always ask the fundamental questions: What do you hope to accomplish, why, for who? 

Her trajectory has not been typical. While in high school learning the tricks of the trade, carpentry that is, she gained the confidence and skills to work in a traditionally male dominated environment. Entering the workforce at 18 years old working from everything from home construction, remodeling, to building custom furniture, she learned all aspects of the industry. The demands of the trades were too much for her body. With her career derailed she had to create another path. She found that the skills she learned through the trades complemented other aspects of business that were an asset that helped her excel in her education as well as professionally. She found that her ability to manage projects and coordinate activities and teams gave her an advantage. She has taken these skills in developed an approach to getting things done. Today through her appreciation for the trades she advocates for career technical education, apprenticeship programs and greater investments in workforce development that will lead to a career. Completing a statewide study on the value of career technical education she has found that advocacy must start at the local level. Collaborating with industry, community based organizations and elected officials to enhance the understanding of career focused education and importance of investing early  in students. This is at the core of CLEAR Strategies and what is believed can be possible through leveraging the power of passion, a people-centered approach, and true collaboration that will lead to empowerment, action and results. That economic prosperity is possible for all.